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Monday 7 April 2014

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Best Answer: Yes you can- I live in Baja and sometimes buy meds at a "Roma" pharmacy- but you can basically tell a good one by the way it looks- if they have put money inot making it clean and professional looking- then it's very likely an above board place. You can take them back ...
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A new law in Mexico means everyone who buys antibiotics south of the border must have a prescription from a Mexican doctor. The new law takes effect today.
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Otherwise, I've started pricing what they cost in Mexico compared to here. Learned they're OTC in Mexico so no script required. Will post once I get it all worked out.
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Published March 2002. Mexico's legislature nixed president Vicente Fox's plans to tack a twenty percent tax onto prescription medicine sales. Medicines seem to be one of the few commodities in Mexico that haven't undergone a series of spiraling price increases in the last several months.
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